Micro-Biological Water Testing & Analysis.

UPR Plumbing Services can perform Monthly and Quarterly Micro-Biological Testing on your pools. All water samples are collected onsite then deposited at one of our NATA Accredited laboratory partners and the analysis of the water is then supplied to the client on their return.

All work is performed by our highly trained sampling personnel, complemented by our panel of NATA Accredited laboratory partners.

Our standard offer to comply with Victorian Aquatic Regulations covers:

  • COLIF-MF: Coliforms - Membrane Filtration (AS/NZS 4276.1-2007 Method 1, 4276.5-2007 Method 5; 22nd Ed. 2012 A.P.H.A. Method 9020, 9050 B, 9222)
  • HCC-PCBW:  Heterotrophic Colony Count - Plate Count of Waters containing Biocides. (AS/NZS 4276.1-2007 Method 1, 4276.3.2-2003 Method 3.2; 22nd)
  • PSAE-MF: Pseudomonas aeruginosa - Membrane Filtration. (AS/NZS 4276.1-2007 Method 1, 4276.13 2008 Method 13; 22nd Ed. 2012 A.P.H.A. Method 9020, 9050B, 9213, 9213A, 9213B, 9213E.)

UPR Plumbing Services ensures a very responsive turn around with Micro-Biological Test results and all your results are presented and outlined with detail, if any action is required to bring your water chemistry levels back within regulation, we are there to assist and ensure all the correct procedures are followed, including immediate re-testing.

Qualified, Licensed and Experienced

Our Technicians at UPR Plumbing Services Pty. Ltd. have years of experience in their fields working along with NATA Accredited Laboratory Partners.

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